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McLaren 570S Wrecked in Chinese Crash Looks Like It Got Trampled by An Elephant

Unlike most supercars out there, McLarens come with open rear diffs, relying solely on electronics to help them split the power between the rear wheels. Even so, no electronic nanny can act like a 100 percent effective crash avoidance measure and we're sadly here to show you the latest McLaren crash.
McLaren 570S Wrecked in Chinese Crash 3 photos
McLaren 570S crash in ChinaMcLaren 570S crash in China
The accident comes all the way from China and involves a 570S that seems to have gotten wrecked in a brutal accident - hat tip to Boosted Boris for these images.

You'll probably struggle to find a body panel of the British machine that wasn't affected by the crash and, given the severity of the impact, we're glad to see the doors still open.

This is a testament to the British automaker's safety dedication, with the carbon tub of the vehicle appearing to have kept its shape well.

Truth be told, the 570S has gained tons of positive attention ever since its launch. How could you not appreciate this British go-fast machine when it's fast enough to give a Lamborghini Huracan, which should be a McLaren 650S competitor, a difficult time in a drag race?

This Mac can also take pride in its cozy side, delivering the kind of refined driving experience that means it can easily serve the daily driver role in one's motoring life - here's a 570S vs 675 Longtail comparo that raises questions on the latter being worth twice the former's price.

And since we're talking accidents here, we have to mention that his part of the month doesn't seem to a fortunate one for the special cars out there - earlier today, we showed you what is probably the first crash of the 2017 Porsche Panamera. Oh well, at least the four-door Zuffenhausen machine was involved in a much less violent accident, ending up parked into a tree in Russia.


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