McLaren 570S Kayak Edition Is a Rendering, but Might Become Real

Just yesterday we showed you an example of how far the McLaren Special Operations division would go to quench customer's thirst for unique Woking machines.
McLaren 570S Kayak Edition rendering 1 photo
Sure, McLarens are not exactly bland apparitions, but some people simply couldn't have one of the 375 units of the P1 in any other finish than Silver Chrome.

However, there are some limits to the kind of personalized contraptions MSO would release and we're pretty sure the 570S in the image above breaks those boundaries.

In the same way Ferrari's personalization program would never let a pink Prancing Horse roll out the factory gates in Maranello (the sheer thought of it is terrifying), we expect MSO to come up with a polite way of saying "no" to a project such as the one we have here.

And while this might only be a rendering (pixel tip to Rain Prisk Designs), we might just see such a 570S on the road one day. Given the entry-level label of this supercar, we're not kidding here.

In fact, such a development wouldn't even be all that much of a novelty. Not that replicating a wacky trend would be bad in our books.

We're referring to alpine skier Jon Olsson's supercars here. The man has fitted roof boxes to pieces of machinery such as Lamborghinis and a Nissan GT-R, with the obvious aim of taking his skis everywhere he goes.

As it turns out, a hefty rear wing, such as the GT3-inspired one we have here, makes for a brilliant anchor point for such objects, even if we're dealing with another kind of sporting hardware here.

Heck, the sheer "McLaren 570S Kayak Edition" designation would be enough to grab our attention. As for that flaming exhaust, well, hoon a standard McLaren for long enough and you'll be able to enjoy such fiery thrills.


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