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McDonald’s Japan Launches the Potato Holder

McDonald’s Japanese customers will be well taken care of starting April 24th, when the fast food chain will launch a french fry adaptor for in-car serving.
The Potato Holder 1 photo
Yes it sounds funny. The “device” is actually a plastic holder that can accommodate a large french fry portion and can be placed in a normal cup holder, thanks to its cylindrical shaped bottom. Wow!

McDonald’s Japan thinks that this is so much of a good idea, that it wants customers to tweet potential alternative uses for the fry holder. So far, some people suggested to use it as an iPhone or pencils holder and a much more visionary person thought to carry fries in a bicycle bottle holder.

We don’t know how people will react to this in-car-eating encouraging strategy, but as car enthusiasts we think that food and cars should not be mixed. Who wold like a greasy steering wheel or crumbs all over the place?


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