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Mazda2 Wins The Battle With the Wall of Death

The Wall of Death also known as a motordrome is a show in which motorcyclists or automobile drivers travel in a circle. The Wall of Death is shaped like a barrel and the guys inside are held by centripetal force.
The guys from Mazda thought this could be a good choice for their little car to show off its versatility.

While Dave Seymour was behind the wheel, the little Mazda2 managed to do almost 8 full laps. “Dynomite” Dave Seymour did almost 50 km/h (31 mph) in circle while experiencing g-forces of about 2.5 G.

To manage this, Mazda modified the suspension to raise the little thing and provide enough ground clearance. The current Mazda2 also known as Demio was officially presented in 2007 and represented an upgraded variant of the 2002 model which now comes with lighter materials, a digital fuel gauge and air conditioning as standard.


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