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Mazda RX-7 "Cyberpunk Carrier" Flexes Sculpted Widebody

It was 2002 when the final FD generation of the Mazda RX-7 went out of production. And, with each year that passes, the popularity of the Wankel-animated sportscar seems to grow. Of course, this explains the rendering that now adorns our screens.
Widebody Mazda RX-7 LED work (rendering) 5 photos
Widebody Mazda RX-7 LED kit (rendering)Widebody Mazda RX-7 LED kit (rendering)Widebody Mazda RX-7 LED kit (rendering)Widebody Mazda RX-7 LED kit (rendering)
Note that while Mazda is on track to revive the rotary engine, a move scheduled to take place in 2022, this will return as a range extender, making its debut on the MX-30 electric crossover.

With that out of the way, we can zoom in on the aero-aggressive lines of this RX-7 and we'll start with the posterior, simply because this appears to be the most noticeable side of the vehicle.

The super-sized diffuser isn't disturbed by the exhaust, since the latter has migrated, with its tips sitting in the number plate's spot (reading that in Sheldon Cooper's voice brings bonus points). Of course, the all-led light clusters also help with the transformation.

Moving on to the profile of the sportscar, we find overfenders that cover as little of the wheels as it makes sense as far as aerodynamics are concerned. And the side skirt extensions that link the said elements match the profile of the diffuser.

The newfound stance of the Japanese toy comes courtesy of center-lock wheels featuring multi-spoke centers and uber-generous lips, while their white finish means the visual impact is even more powerful. And yes, the vehicle now features air springs.

The front apron, with its meaty splitter, makes this thing look fast even when standing still, as is the case with these initial renders coming from digital artist Daniil Savanin (as you'll notice in the description of his Instagram post, which awaits you below, the project will be taken even further in the future).

Meanwhile, if the die-hard aftermarket aficionados among you recognized some of these styling cues, it's probably because the pixel master sought inspiration in machines such as the Liberty Walk Toyota Supra or the Bensopra Nissan GT-R.

PS: If you think this rendering is wild, make sure to also check out the (literally) explosive RX-7 build YouTuber Rob Dahm is putting together in the real world.


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