Mazda Miata Nurburgring Spin Is a Quick Driving Lesson

Mazda Miata Nurburgring Spin 6 photos
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Mazda Miata Nurburgring SpinMazda Miata Nurburgring SpinMazda Miata Nurburgring SpinMazda Miata Nurburgring SpinMazda Miata Nurburgring Spin
We've already talked about the shenanigans that took place on the Nurburgring over the weekend, with these having brought multiple crashes, such as this Ford Fiesta ST accident. Fortunately, not all the drivers who lost control of their machines ended up in the guardrail. And the Miata that brought us here is one of the happy examples.
We're looking at a car that belongs to the first generation, so the trick to achieving spicy Green Hell times is consistency, since making up for mistakes by abusing the pedal on the right is clearly not an option.

However, the driver of this NA Mazda Miata failed to keep the sportscar in line while passing through the Brunnchen 2 corner - we can see the MX-5 approaching the bend at moderate speed. However, as the little Mazda riches the apex, the rear end starts sliding.

And we're expecting this to be a mix between the variable grip (this was determined by the moody weather and we'll talk more about the caprices below) and the driver suddenly backing off the throttle.

Now, once the rear end goes out of place, it doesn't seem like the one behind the wheel puts up a serious fight. However, this might be the better option when traveling at modest speeds - it's best to let the slide scrub off the speed rather than try to fight it and risk overcorrecting, which can easily send the vehicle sliding the other way.

Of course, things had been different if the Miata would've found itself in Ring traffic. Oh, and the massive teddy bear riding shotgun doesn't seem to mind the spinning action.

Returning to the weather details we mentioned above, here's a brief report from the YouTube label that brought us this clip: "The track was wet the entire morning and only a few cars were on track, eventually the rain stopped and the track dried up. This meant more drivers went for a lap, but this was only for a short while because after a few hours, it started raining, hailing and snowing again (which also caused a temporary track closure),"

P.S.: The video we have here is a compilation of Ring moment and the said Mazda Miata shenanigan awaits you at the 4:07 point.ÿ

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