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Mazda Miata Aero Freak Rendering Looks Like a Baby RX-7 on Deep Dish Steelies

As you are reading this, there's somebody out there making big decisions in their motoring life, plotting the course for a Mazda Miata build. And while there's no need to explain why such a story gets us excited, this particular tale brings an extra reason to jump for joy, with digital artist Al Yasid having released a rendering that seems to preview the project.
Mazda Miata Aero Freak rendering 7 photos
Mazda Miata Aero Freak renderingMazda Miata Aero Freak renderingMazda Miata Aero Freak renderingMazda Miata Aero Freak renderingMazda Miata Aero Freak renderingMazda Miata Aero Freak rendering
The current ND-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata has found a way to reach a much broader audience, but things aren't the same with its predecessors, especially in the case of the original NA and the NB model we have here—we're referring to certain non-car people not getting the roadster and dwelling on its "cute" image instead of seeing the performance driving facilitated by such a toy (hey, here's Koenigsegg test driver Robert Serwanski attacking the Nurburgring in his NC-gen MX-5).

Well, transformations such as this one mean the little roadster clearly states its business. And, as the pixel master aptly points out in the Instagram post below, this pumped-up Miata now reminds one of the FD-generation RX-7, at least when viewed from the side—for the record, production of the two did overlap for five glorious years.

Then again, this machine doesn't just dress up like its big brother. It has an identity of its own: with those monstrous overfenders, the arching wing and other bits, this looks like an aero freak, hence our title.

Oh, and seeing extreme custom bits like the diffuser or the front splitter being mixed with the understated factory soft top seems to push the right buttons for us.

However, it seems that the enthusiasts who commissioned the rendering and the artist who created it still have a bridge to cross and it's all related to those fat steel wheels.

"I still have to convince the dude to go with steelies because please, this looks the part here with that stance," Yasid explains on Insta.

For one, there are plenty of NB Miatas with steel shows around and the deep dish take seen here might just mean we have a new top dog.


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