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Mazda Hofu Factory Celebrates 10 Millionth Car Produced

Located in the Yamaguchi prefecture, Hofu city is a seaside city located in the very South-West of Japan and founded in 1936. Its name means "the capital of Suo Province". This small city with a population of just 120,000 people is where Mazda decided to set up shot and make some killer cars ever since the 80s.
Mazda Hofu 10 millionth car 1 photo
Mazda has just announced that its facilities there have just assembled the 10 millionth car. This milestone was achieved 30 years and 11 months after production first began. The 10 millionth car (a Mazda6), came off the final assembly line yesterday (27 August)

Mazda Motor Corporation has two factories in Hofu. H1 was opened in 1982 and makes the "Axela", known to you and me as the Mazda3 compact. H2 was opened a decade later and also makes the 3, plus the Atenza, a car we know as the Mazda6.

Speaking at the ceremony, Masamichi Kogai said; "The production of 10 million vehicles at Hofu Plant is a tremendous achievement, and we could not have done it without the support of our customers, our suppliers and other concerned parties, as well as that of the local community, the city of Hofu and Yamaguchi prefecture.  On behalf of Mazda, allow me to express my deepest gratitude.  We see this fantastic achievement not as a destination, but rather as a milestone on our road to further growth.  Moving forward, we are committed to continue delivering fantastic products that delight our customers."History of Hofu Plant
Dec 1981:
Operations begin at Nakanoseki district transmission plant.
Sep 1982:
Full-scale vehicle production begins at Hofu Plant No. 1.
Apr 1986:
Vehicle production at Hofu Plant reaches one million units.
Feb 1992: 
Vehicle production begins at Hofu Plant No. 2.
Jan 2002: 
Vehicle production at Hofu Plant reaches five million units.
Feb 2002: 
Production of first generation Mazda6 begins.
Jun 2003: 
Production of first generation Mazda3 begins.
Aug 2007: 
Production of second generation Mazda6 begins.
Nov 2008: 
Production of second generation Mazda3 begins.
Dec 2010: 
Transmission production at Hofu Plant reaches 30 million units.
Aug 2012: 
Production of third generation Mazda6 begins.
Jun 2013: 
Production of third generation Mazda3 begins.
Aug 2013: 
Vehicle production at Hofu Plant reaches 10 million units.


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