Floyd Mayweather's Ferrari F430 Scuderia on eBay, Reserve Not Met

Famous world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather seems like he has one Ferrari to many in his huge luxury car collection, considering he just put his beautiful white 2009 Ferrari F430 Scuderia on eBay. The question is if he is selling it because he needs the money to buy a forth Bugatti Veyron or he has other plans.
Mayweather's Ferrari F430 Scuderia 1 photo
Floyd Mayweather is by far one of the happiest car enthusiasts on American soil. Let us just recap and be jealous for a second. Although he is known to be a fan of white colored cars, last year he took his two black luxury cars  out of the garage, a Rolls-Royce EWB (Elongated Wheelbase) Ghost and a Bentley Mulsanne.

Then, he probably figured hundreds of thousands of dollars worth beasts are not enough, so he switched to posing next to a couple of crazy Bugattis. You remember, it was those ones Justin Bieber loved taking photos with so much. Anyway, his last but not least acquisition was his third Bugatti, a dashing out of this world Grand Sport Limited Edition, rated around $3 million (EUR 2,2 million).

Now, finding out that he is selling his 2009 Ferrari F430 Scuderia on eBay makes us wonder if he is planning to buy another sports car. For instance, he may consider getting the 903 hp hybrid power train McLaren P1, which would cost him only a third of what he has paid for the last supercar.

On the other hand, considering that the white Ferrari was only driven for about 5,600 miles (8,000 km), according to the announcement on eBay, we think it’s a bit of shame. When you own a 2-door Coupe that growls 503 horse power, it’s only natural you drive it like crazy all over the place. Well, it’s not the case of this five-division world champion boxer, who decided to sell it through EuroCar OC.

Anyway, we still don't know if the champ is broke, going to buy a new one or is just bored of Ferraris, but in case you consider buying the supercar, you'll probably want to know the last bid made was $113,200 (EUR 83,000). Although the auction ended on the 30th of May, it seems the lowest acceptable amount has not yet been bid, so there is still hope for you.


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