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Maxia Camper Trailer Blends Coziness With Luxury, Is a Tiny Home on Wheels
The Nordic concept “hygge” refers to a sense of coziness and enjoying the good in life next to friends and family. This warm atmosphere is what inspired Hobby to create Maxia, a camper trailer that gives a new meaning to a home on the wheels.

Maxia Camper Trailer Blends Coziness With Luxury, Is a Tiny Home on Wheels

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Since its inception in 1967, Hobby has produced at its site in Fockbek, Germany, over 600,000 leisure vehicles characterized by their modern design, comfy interiors, and great attention to detail. The latest to come out of the skilled German hands is the Maxia.

Offered in two models, a 495 UL with a comfortable round seating group and two single beds, and a completely redesigned 660 WQM, we’re looking at the top-of-range version to see what it has best to offer, namely the 660 WQM.

The 8.3-meter (27-ft) camper trailer might not look like much on the outside, given its simple design, but it offers an incredible sense of space on the inside. From the roomy front kitchen and the living area to the movable island bed and rear washroom, comfort is at the core of this tiny home on wheels.

The living area screams leisure time. Once you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a heated coat rack that can dry your damp jackets and coats in no time. And if you don’t need to warm up your clothes, there’s also a regular wardrobe with lighting available. Next, a practical metal lift table with plenty of legroom awaits you. For more space, it can even be lowered to create a bed.

Move a few steps, and you’ll bump into the kitchen area, a space packed with everything for everyone. Equipped with a refrigerator and freezer, spice racks, drawers, and a base cabinet for pots and pans, it makes optimal use of the available storage space. For cooking, there’s a gas hob with three burners that comes with a glass cover for additional workspace. Oh, you’ll find a sink next to the gas hob as well.

The sleeping area features a queen-size bed with spring mattresses and laminated beechwood bed frames. The bed can also be lifted to allow access to more storage space. The bathroom is conveniently positioned at the rear, behind the bedroom. There, you’ll have enough room in the under-sink cupboard and mirror cabinets to store your care products.

Hobby also fitted its luxury toy with air vents in the wall units and in the seating to enable proper circulation of the rising heat from the heater (yes, it comes with a heater as well for the cold season).

Furthermore, up to two additional roof vents serve to keep the temperature within the camper enjoyable at all times. When the vent is opened, fresh air is drawn inside, and when it’s shut, the insulation maintains a constant temperature. Two distinct blinds can be utilized to either dim the interior or as a fly screen.

Maxia is equipped with a 47-liter (12.4 gallons) freshwater tank, which can be refilled from the outside. The tank is conveniently placed in one of the seat chests or bed lockers for easy access. There’s also an integrated water boiler with a capacity of 10 liters (2.6 gallons).

The campers’ lighting, freshwater level, hot water boiler, and more can all be controlled via a control panel in the entrance area. To make things more accessible, Hobby designed an app called HobbyConnect which can be used to manage the system. All vehicles include the smart app control system as standard equipment.

Maxia, together with a new array of products, will be showcased for the first time at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, which runs between August 27th and September 5th. Pricing for the new camper trailer starts at €34,95, which is around $41,125.

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