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Mavaro Neo 1 E-bike From Cannondale Is the Safest City Cruising Monster of 2020
We all know the name Cannondale, and if you don’t, you’d better get to it. They have been a major player in the bicycle game, with a variety of products ranging from little tike bikes to Tour-de-France machines.

Mavaro Neo 1 E-bike From Cannondale Is the Safest City Cruising Monster of 2020

Mavaro Neo 1Mavaro Neo 1Mavaro Neo 1Mavaro Neo 1Mavaro Neo 1Mavaro Neo 1Mavaro Neo 1
The newest addition to their wide range of trinkets is the Mavaro Neo 1. Due to its make-up it does fall under the category of electric bikes or EVs. Now, e-bikes are a bit tricky. Because of their high-power output and capacities, safety is a major factor in the experience. But not to worry. Of all e-bikes on the market, this beauty has received Third Place at the 2020 Focus E-Bike awards.

But if safety was the only reason for us to show you this bike, we would have never even wasted your time. Luckily it isn’t, so keep reading.

For starters, we have the frame, the basis for any bike. The Neo 1 uses a Cannondale designed SmartForm C1 Alloy step-through frame. This allows the team to develop a bike that is as light as possible, as we are all aware that the battery pack and motor of any e-bike is going to add on a considerable amount of weight. Wiring for the bike is fully internal as to keep electrical systems safe from the elements.

The major aspect that gives this EV such a high safety rating is that step-through frame. This allows a rider to no longer have to straddle anything, potentially losing balance and falling off. A second aspect is that the frame offers are a very low center of gravity, allowing the rider to stay up-right easier. If you do happen to lose a bit of balance, you could easily put your foot down and catch yourself. A few other features such as rear radar and running lights also add to the safety ratings that the Mavaro has received.

For a Suspension on this bike we will only fond one system that’s supposed to do it all. At the front, right above the fork, we see a sort of spring. This spring is known as HeadShok. It’s supposed to absorb and bumps you may encounter on your ride, keeping all of the action only on the fork and not on the frame. This system is like the one found on the new 2021 S-Works e-bike.

As with any e-bike we must have a battery, and this baby has a very good one. Bosch brings the powerhouse for this bike with a PowerTube with 625Wh of juice. This 16.7 Ah battery will keep this bike running up to 74 miles (120km) on a single charge. Using a 6A fast charger, the battery is reloaded to full blast in under four hours.

The motor for this cruiser is once again Bosch with their CX Performance line. This 85Nm motor is enough to get you even up some mountains if needed. The Turbo Vado SL’s motor brings in half that torque.

To top all this off, Cannondale has eliminated the classic shifter system Enviolo Stepless twist shifter. If you don’t know what this, you can compare it to the way you would use a throttle on a motorcycle. As you twist the shifter, the system changes the gear ratio smoothly no matter what your feet are doing. No more clicks and clacks and delays due to shifting.

To add more silent treatment to the Neo 1 Gates brings their own systems to the game. A leader in electric drivetrain components for e-bikes, Gates carbon CDX belt is making sure your ride is quiet, clean, and as safe as possible. Hooked up with the Enviolo shifter, we bet this ride is as smooth as fresh ice.

This isn’t all she’s got, so if you want to find out a bit more, give a click here. But for now, our job here is done.


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