Matte Pink Ferari 599 GTO of Qatar Royalty Spotted in Dubai

We’re waiting on a replacement for the 599 Fiorano to come, and Ferrari already has the FF to attract attention in the GT segment of the market, but somehow the 599 GTO manages to look, sound and feel like on of the coolest cars ever. This is exactly the way we looked at the Murcielago just before it was replaced by the Aventador.
Youtube user 4WheelsofLux has somehow managed to change our opinion of both pink cars and supercars owned by Arab millionaires in general. His latest video features a bright pink 599 GTO Fiorano cruising the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

Looking at the matt finish on this baby made us realize that pink is not just a color for girls and Barbie, but also for true playboys.

The car reportedly belongs to a member of the Royal Al-Thani family of Qatar, though the car is on Dubai plates.

Conclusion: Go pink if you have more than 10 cars in your collection!


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