Matte Pink "Barbie" Rolls-Royce in London

We have to warn you that this is a religious post. We think we’ve found a piece that shows what happens if you end up in hell. Let’s say that you’re an automotive enthusiasts and you like to speed, flip the bird and so on.
Well, these are not good deeds, so, coupled with some other more serious sins you might commit over the course of your life, they may lead to you gathering enough red point to knock on hell’s doors.

And what could you find in Satan’s lair? Rolls Royces... matte pink Rolls Royces, that is. You don’t want to be surrounded by this, do you? Well, you’d better start doing good deeds. If you don’t trust us, you can take a trip to London, where you’ll find this “Barbie” Rolls Royce and convince yourself that you have to become a better person.


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