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Matte Bronze Ferrari F40 Is So Japanese, Shines in Tokyo

When "Japan" and "cars" are put into the same sentence, extreme customization is the first thing that comes to mind. And we're here to deliver the freshest example of that, one that involves an example of the all-mighty Ferrari F40.
Matte Bronze Ferrari F40 1 photo
One can no longer see the factory finish of this twin-turbo icon, since the vehicle now features what we call a matte bronze finish (some aficionados out there might label this as a shade of orange).

The supercar was photographed in a parking lot in Tokyo and, sadly, we don't have any further details of the go-fast animal. Nevertheless, if we zoom in on the Instagram pic at the bottom of the page, we notice that the color transformation isn't the only touch applied to the machine.

For one thing, this F40 seems to pack a few LM bits (our guess is that this is a "regular" F40 with add-on LM goodies), as well as other custom touches, such as the Italian flag adorning the upper side of the velocity beast.

Oh and if you think the Ferrari F40 we have here is extreme, we'll remind you of the example we discussed in November last year.

You know, the one that comes dressed in British Racing Green. As we mentioned above, the one sitting in front of you might be a member of the second skin club, but we can't say the same about the BRG car. Oh no. That one went for a full respray.

And there's one more thing we should mention - the British Racing Green emphasis was ours, since the actual name of the shade covering the retired Maranello halo car is Verde Abetone.

The car collector who went for the all-out respray seems to have a thing for the said hue, since, for instance, he also chose a 997-generation Porsche 911 GT2 RS dressed in the shade.


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