Matte Black Lambo Murcielago Rear-Ended by Truck

Lambo Murcielago with Light Damage 3 photos
Lightly Damaged Lambo MurcielagoLightly Damaged Lambo Murcielago
The idea of owning a supercar is undoubtedly a tantalizing prospect for any keen driver, and most would definitely love to do so. However, owning an expensive, rare and unique supercar does have a few disadvantages.
Aside from the constant concern that something may happen to it while parked in some less-than-safe neighborhood, there are also the very high repair bills and long wait times for the car to be repaired. This is exactly the situation faced by the owner of this Lamborghini Muricelago, finished in matte black.

We don`t have many details about how the car ended up the way it is in the photos, but apparently the Lambo owner was driving his car, and had to stop before a roundabout. While the car was stopped, it was rear-ended by a truck, and the result is plain to see.

At least nobody got hurt in the incident, and the Murcielago suffered no real mechanical or structural damage to speak of, and therefor the repair fees will not be astronomical, staying at the level of just being exorbitant.
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