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Matching-Numbers 1966 Mustang Convertible Sitting in a Barn Begs for Full Restoration

The engine lineup available on the 1966 Ford Mustang had a little something for pretty much everybody, no matter if they wanted their pony to be a grocery getter or a small rocket on wheels.
1966 Ford Mustang 6 photos
1966 Mustang Convertible1966 Mustang Convertible1966 Mustang Convertible1966 Mustang Convertible1966 Mustang Convertible
Just like in 1965, the new Mustang could be ordered with a 200 (3.3-liter) six-cylinder as standard, with the output reaching 120 horsepower. When it comes to V8s, the base unit was the 289 (4.7-liter) 2-barrel with 200 horsepower, while the optional engines came in the form of a 4-barrel sibling with 225 horsepower and a HiPo configuration rated at 270 horsepower.

It goes without saying that six-cylinder Mustangs aren’t necessarily everybody’s cup of tea, so V8 projects are more desirable in the restoration business.

Enter this pony that has been sitting for a very long time in someone’s barn.

Posted on Craigslist earlier this week, this 1966 convertible is a matching-numbers Mustang that rolled off the assembly lines painted in Springtime Yellow. The original finish is still on the car and based on the few photos provided by the seller, it comes in a rather decent shape.

Of course, a respray is still going to be required if what you’re aiming for is a tip-top shape, but for the sake of the original magic, the Springtime Yellow paint applied by Ford is a big plus.

The convertible is fitted with a 289 engine paired with an automatic transmission, but unfortunately, no further information has been offered, so we don’t know if it’s running or not. However, there’s a good chance it doesn’t, given the overall condition of the Mustang, but make sure you reach out to the seller with more questions on this front.

This Mustang looks like a candidate that could be worth a shot, so if you don’t mind paying $12,500 for a 1966 convertible, maybe going to Central Georgia to see it in person is worth a shot.

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