Master Mechanic Almost Finished Restoring This 1983 Wagoneer, Then Catastrophe Struck

Dave, the Car Wizard on YouTube, is a legit master technician with decades of experience under his belt. So when his customer asked him to help restore his 1983 Jeep Wagoneer V8, he knew deferring the worn-out engine to a specialist shop was the best move while he tended to the rest of the truck.
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Car Wizard Jeep WagoneerCar Wizard Jeep WagoneerCar Wizard Jeep WagoneerCar Wizard Jeep WagoneerCar Wizard Jeep WagoneerCar Wizard Jeep WagoneerCar Wizard Jeep Wagoneer
But when he got the rebuilt engine back from the shop, something was unearthed that made his blood boil. By his own admission, Dave and his team of techs were fighting tooth and nail to wrestle the big V8 engine into running correctly. It got to the point where one of Dave's techs thought he may have damaged the engine.

But Dave isn't a master tech in name only. He had a suspicion that something else entirely was to blame. The owner of the vehicle must not have taken the engine to one of Dave's trusted engine specialist buddies, as what he found when his team took the engine apart again made the owner ready to strangle somebody.

They found that nearly every aspect of this supposedly expertly rebuilt engine was out of wack, incorrect, and downright shabbily done. No wonder the engine wouldn't run right. These things tend to happen when someone punches a hole in the engine's coolant jacket while putting the engine together and neglects to do anything to remedy the error.

We wouldn't be surprised if there were legal grounds to sue the owner of the shop for what Dave describes as turning the engine block of this Jeep into a glorified boat anchor. Considering the bare block weights in the neighborhood of 500 pounds (226.8 kg), that's about all it's useful for now. Happily, Dave just so happens to have a rat nest-infested Jeep Wagoneer of similar vintage sitting outside of his shop.

Once all the rat droppings are removed, this free spinning V8 is going to find its new home under the hood of Dave's customer's Jeep. This time, it's going to a builder that Dave himself trusts. This time, it will get done properly. You can just about guarantee it.

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