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Massive-Engined Big Dog Boxer Is a Custom Cornering Maestro

There’s a catch phrase gearheads like very much: there’s no replacement for displacement. Usually used when it comes to cars, it fits this custom motorcycle just fine.
Big Dog Boxer 15 photos
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That’s because sitting nicely in the custom frame is an S&S SuperSidewinder V-Twin engine so big it’s hard to find any competition for it: 124ci, or 2.0 and some change liters. That’s the type of displacement you usually get in most of today’s road cars.

Knowing that, there’s no wonder the guys behind this build, a garage that goes by the name of Big Dog, say their creation has “more displacement per cylinder than the sum of all cylinders on today’s biggest inline-four Superbikes.“

The motorcycle you can admire in the gallery above is called Boxer, and is one of the four custom motorcycles Big Dog currently has in its portfolio. Like all the others, it is a custom machine, meaning one could take all the pride he needs in owning one, but because more of them are made at the same time, it is still affordable enough not to ruin anyone.

Unlike its Big Dog siblings, the Boxer is significantly shorter (89 inches/226 cm) from wheel tip to wheel tip, compared to the Coyote, for instance, which measures 102 inches/260 cm. That difference obviously makes it more agile, especially during cornering.

The bike is the second most expensive of the Big Dog lot, but even so it is retailing from a rather affordable (for a custom motorcycle) $35,995. Of course, that’s only the starting price, as there are a number of extras that could set one back some more.

Most of these extras have to do with appearance. Big Dog offers – as it does for the entire range for that matter – 12 body colors, two engine finishes (in either black or polish), three wheel finishes, and a number of graphics options for the tank.

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