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Massive Collection of Over 20 Classic Cars Parked in a Yard Goes on Sale, GTO Included

Cars sitting on the side of the road or in somebody’s yard typically don’t come in the best condition, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t deserve a second chance.
California yard sale 10 photos
California yard saleCalifornia yard saleCalifornia yard saleCalifornia yard saleCalifornia yard saleCalifornia yard saleCalifornia yard saleCalifornia yard saleCalifornia yard sale
With a proper restoration, even a rust bucket can become a head turner, as long as such a project makes sense not necessarily from a financial perspective, but also when it comes to how rare the car is in the first place.

And if you’re looking for a project car to restore, here’s something that should totally lend you a hand.

The owner of this massive herd of vehicles is selling over 20 classic cars, obviously not in their best shape, with the list including quite a lot of GM models, some of them even still running.

Located in Clearlake, California, all the vehicles require more or less critical fixes, but very important to keep in mind is these are all project cars. Some ran when parked, as it’s the case of a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle coupe, while others are just rollers, like the 1967 Camaro Rally Sport.

There’s one 1970 El Camino that’s ready to take you home, meaning it comes in a fairly solid condition, as well as a 1968 Pontiac GTO convertible available for $30,000 and which could end up being worth quite a small fortune with the right restoration job.

The LS1-powered 1969 Chevelle coupe looks intriguing as well, and so does the 1969 Chevelle roller that comes in a fairly solid condition and could make for a pretty good home for a restomod.

The full list of cars, along with a few essential details and the pricing, is available below just as provided by the seller on Craigslist. They claim they also have several other models not included on the list, and prices are sometimes negotiable.
  • 1954 GMC P250 Short-flatbed hydraulic dump truck, complete and running, just needs gas tank reattached - $6,000
  • 1967 Camaro rolling Chassis - $12,500
  • 1967 Camaro Rally Sport Rolling chassis - $14,000
  • 1968 Camaro basket case - $20,000
  • 1969 Camaro complete non-running - $24,000
  • 1968 Chevelle 300 Deluxe body/chassis (2 door post) - $7,500
  • 1968 Chevelle Coupe ran when parked - $14,000
  • 1968 Chevelle Super Sport 138xxx Vin rough body with chassis - $15,000
  • 1968 Chevelle Malibu Wagon factory stick shift, complete, non-running with 1994 LT1/4L60e - $12,000
  • 1969 Chevelle Coupe complete roller - $16,000
  • 1969 Chevelle Coupe with 5.3l LSx straight, solid - $25,000
  • 1969 Chevelle Coupe with 5.7l LS1 - $27,500
  • 1972 Chevelle Coupe, new suspension/steering/brakes/rebuilt 12-bolt posi - $12,000
  • 1969 Pontiac GTO Convertible - $30,000
  • 1970 El Camino - drive it home - $12,500
  • 1969 C20 LWB Truck - $7,500
  • 1971 K5 Blazer 4x4 - $15,000
  • 1972 K2 Blazer 2wd conversion started - $15,000
  • 1970 Olds Cutlass Vista Cruiser, skylight glass top roof - $7,500
  • 1972 Olds Cutlass Vista Cruiser, skylight glass top roof with 5.3l LSx swap - $14,000

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