Maserati Quattroporte Destroyed in Calle 13 Adentro Music Clip

Rap music is always about sending a message, but when you destroy an exotic in the process, we’re not quire sure this helps with setting things straight. This is exactly what happens in Puerto Rican hip-hop makers Calle 13’s latest music video, where a Maserati Quattroporte gets destroyed.
Maserati Quattroporte Destroyed in Calle 13 Adentro Music Clip 1 photo
At first, latin music singer Rene Perez gives the Ialian sports sedan a baseball bat treatment, with the instrument of torture being handed out by retired baseball legen Willie Mays.

The punishment goes on to the point of destruction and we won’t go into the details here - you have the video below for that.

Nevertheless, we shall go over the message of the video. Apparently the bat stands for the power of experience, which is used to wreck the car, a symbol of the superficial goals many children set themselves. The car is loaded with gold chains and guns, the gangster stuff that some youngsters end up praising in their way to “success”.

It seems like this is Rene Perez’ car and he sees is as a symbol for a period of his life that was marked by excess.

The point he’s trying to make does seem legit, but couldn’t they just wreck the guns and the gold chains?

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