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Maserati Debuts New Quattroporte Sport GT S

After Lamborghini announced two new models at the Detroit Auto Show, another sports car manufacturer joins the club and today presents its new Quattroporte Sport GT S, an upgraded vehicle that “sets yet another milestone in terms of sportiness in the high performance luxury sedan segment of the automotive market,” as the Italian automaker said in a press statement. And the Quattroporte Sport GT S is indeed a fascinating car, being partially based on its predecessor but incorporating a set of new features that differentiate the two models.

Here are the main upgrades of the Quattroporte Sport GT S (as provided by Maserati):
  • the mapping of the V8 4.7 litre engine, with power increased to 323kW;
  • the gearshift management software, with new features designed to increase driving enjoyment;
  • the front and rear suspension system featuring single-rate dampers, stiffer springs and lower ride height;
  • the sport exhaust controlled by pneumatic valves for a deep, throaty and captivating sound

Also, there are several changes concerning the exterior and the interior styling elements, as it follows:
  • the new black grille with concave vertical fins featuring the Trident logo with red accents, typical of the sportier versions of Maserati models;
  • the new headlights, in metallic titanium finish;
  • the new M-design seats with perforated Alcantara and leather upholstery;
  • the standard trim in Titantex, a "titanium colored" composite material.

Following the same trend of the industry particularly focused on fuel-efficiency, Maserati launched a special development plan for the next 5 years especially aimed at fuel consumption reduction and environment protection. The newly-released Quattroporte Sport GT S plays a very important role in this plan as “its 4.7 engine, exhaust/evap emissions and fuel consumption have been aligned with future Euro 5 regulations for Europe and LEV2 standards for the USA,” according to a public statement of the automaker.


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