Maserati Alfieri Delayed Until 2020-2021 as GranTurismo Gets Priority

Sedans are totally sales-proof, even more so if they are made by Italians. Due to lack of money, Maserati's grand 5-year plan is turning into a 10-year plan, even though they did everything right with the Ghibli and Quattroporte. The latest reports from a few months ago said the Alfieri coupe project had been pushed back to 2018. However, not even that was far enough.
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Photo: Stefan Baldauf/Guido ten Brink
According to Autocar, the Alfieri will now happen in 2020-2021, not 2018. We'll remind you that it was originally supposed to be ready this year. The reason for the delay is a pretty good one in our opinion: Maserati is giving the higher priority to the replacements of the GranTurismo and GranCabrio. If they don't do that first, Maserati is guaranteed to lose a significant chunk of sales.

Sure, they might be bigger and less sporty than the Alfieri, before there was anything else Maserati made breathtaking 2+2 models. According to the general manager of Maserati Europe, Giulio Pastore, “The Granturismo and Grancabrio will not be dropped. We won’t forget that Maserati is very well known in its history for beautiful 2+2 GT cars and we will replace them, then the Alfieri.”

If sedans aren't selling well, you can imagine that Maserati is in no rush to make any of these above-mentioned 2-door models. But the original 5-year plan called for some amazing Porsche-rivalling machines, so everybody is asking the Italians about them.

Pastore is looking at the bright side in all of this, as he says the Alfieri has already played a part in the design of the Ghibli and Levante production models.

But we can't help feeling that many of Fiat's original plans were a joke, just like Lotus' famous 5-supercar lineup. If you look at all the German manufacturers, their launches are so perfectly timed that you can set your watch by them. Some companies have even figured out how to launch performance models at the same time as the regular ones.

Meanwhile, the Levante V8 SUV is nowhere to be seen, just like many Fiats and Alfa's supposed revival.
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