Marcello Gandini Humiliates Lamborghini Over Its Design of the "So-called New Countach"

There's no denying that Marcello Gandini has played a role in the success that Lamborghini is still enjoying. According to him, though, the "so-called new Countach" does not reflect his vision.
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That news might come as a shock to those who saw Gandini's interview with Mitija Borkert, the designer of the new Countach. The two were paired together by Lamborghini back in July for an interview. Borkert expresses how important it was to bring the Countach back for its 50th anniversary during the piece.

"A couple of years ago, we were dreaming of the year 21, and I said hey, let's realize how the Countach could look in 20 or 21," he says to Gandini. During the video, he even has a small-scale model of the new Lamborghini. According to the famous Italian designer, Lamborghini never said it was going into serious production, though.

In a press release, Gandini dropped some bombs about the production of the video. "During the video... Borkert presents to Marcello Gandini a reduced scale model defined as his "personal tribute to Maestro Gandini," made for himself and as a basis of a celebratory model to be presented at Pebble Beach in August on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Countach."

The release continues... "Neither earlier, nor during the interview was it stated that the car was scheduled for limited series production."

Gandini is so upset that Lamborghini pulled this kind of trick on him that he then goes on to clarify "...seeing the use made of the abovementioned interview, it is important to rectify facts."

And the fact is that the designer is not a fan of the new Countach. "Marcello Gandini would like to reaffirm that he had no role in this operation, and as the author and creator of the original design from 1971, would like to clarify that the makeover does not reflect his spirit and vision." He then continues with what many longtime Lamborghini fans, myself included, have been saying...

"Courage, the ability to create a break without sticking to the success of the previous car, the confidence in not wanting to give in to habit were the very essence of my work." The release concludes by saying that Gandini does not approve of the project.

It's sad to see this break between partners that did so much for one another. Here's hoping that Gandini still has one or two bold designs to bestow upon us and that Lamborghini can find its soul again.


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