Mansory Says This Tuned Rolls-Royce Wraith Is "Elegant" and "Chic"

Rolls-Royce Wraith 11 photos
Photo: Instagram | Mansory
Rolls-Royce WraithRolls-Royce WraithRolls-Royce WraithRolls-Royce WraithRolls-Royce WraithRolls-Royce WraithRolls-Royce WraithRolls-Royce WraithRolls-Royce WraithRolls-Royce Wraith
It's not the prettiest Rolls-Royce Wraith we've ever seen, yet it's far from being the ugliest, especially for something that came from Mansory. Guess it fits in the Purgatory of tuned cars.
In the social media post embedded below, the controversial tuner uses words such as "elegant" and "chic" to describe this luxury grand tourer. We'd recommend an eye exam, but truth be told, we've seen far worse projects from this company, and if you peel off some of the add-ons (okay, all of them), it's quite nice.

You don't need to compare this modified Rolls-Royce Wraith with a stock copy to put your finger on the novelties, do you? After all, they're visible all around. At the front, it has a new apron with side blades and attachments around the side vents. There are also extra LED DRLs and a new lower grille.

Further back, this discontinued GT has attachments on the front fenders, side skirts, and sides of the rear bumper. A pair of spoilers decorate the back end, one above the windscreen and the other on the trunk lid. The diffuser, with its extra brake light, is an aftermarket component. Most attachments have a forged carbon look that contrasts with the white paint finish. The multi-spoke alloys are not bad, and they suit the car's boosted styling.

Rolls\-Royce Wraith
Photo: Instagram | Mansory
This right-hand drive machine was probably modified as a special commission. The cockpit features new leather upholstery with an intricate design in a light purple color. Black piping and other black details provide contrast. The seatbacks, steering wheel, seatbelts, and other parts of the interior wear the tuner's logo. Additional carbon fiber trim rounds off the makeover in the cabin.

An unmodified version of the Rolls-Royce Wraight puts 624 horsepower (633 ps/466 kW) and 590 pound-feet (800 Nm) of torque under the driver's right foot. The nickel-balancing 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 enabled 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) in less than five seconds, which is impressive for a model that tips the scales at approximately 5,500 pounds or 2.5 tons.

But does this one boast more power than its stock self? Only Mansory (and probably its owner – if it was indeed a special commission) knows the answer to this question. Thus, let's remind ourselves just how nice the stock Rolls-Royce Wraith (and its open-top sibling, the Dawn) is without anyone tampering with its design.

Between us, a nice set of aftermarket wheels is the only modification it needs, yet for some reason, certain owners believe a Mansory-tuned one looks far better than a copy untouched by the tuning stick. The same goes for the pictured Wraith, too, which would be really eye-catching without those add-ons. So, if you had such a ride, would you give it to Mansory to tune it?

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