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Manny Khoshbin Shares How Much It Costs to Service a McLaren Speedtail

Manny Khoshbin, real estate mogul and car enthusiast, is always upfront about the costs of his cars and their maintenance. And now, he’s getting real about how much cash he needs to leave when he takes his McLaren Speedtail to the service shop.
Manny Khoshbin's McLaren Speedtail 9 photos
Manny Khoshbin's McLaren SpeedtailManny Khoshbin's McLaren SpeedtailManny Khoshbin's McLaren SpeedtailManny Khoshbin's McLaren SpeedtailManny Khoshbin's McLaren SpeedtailManny Khoshbin's McLaren SpeedtailManny Khoshbin's McLaren SpeedtailManny Khoshbin's McLaren Speedtail
At the beginning of the video, Khoshbin reveals that he’s taking his McLaren Speedtail to its first service, which he calls a “bittersweet moment.” Why? Well, because he gets to take it for a joyride on his way there, but then he also has to pay quite a lot.

He also jokes that the last time he drove the Speedtail was so far back. He hopped in the hypercar, put on special slippers for it, and noticed it said “zero gas.” However, he did proceed to “warm up the tires” a bit, but we should cut him some slack since he doesn’t usually drive it.

His first stop was to the gas station, where he shared how much it costs to fill it up: $82 for 13 gallons, with $6.30 a gallon (which Khoshbin called “highway robbery”). He also adds that the fastest he’s ever driven it was 75 mph (121 kph), although the real estate mogul claims that he has no roads to take it further than that.

Next, he was on his way to the service shop, slowly enjoying the "smooth” ride in the car with a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. His only complaint was the fact that there is no rearview mirror and that he has to focus on the displays that show images captured by side cameras that replace the actual side mirrors. 

In the past, Khoshbin experienced many issues with his McLaren Speedtail wireless charging pad, and for that, he rated it unreliable. He also previously commented that it’s “too quiet,” given that it’s McLaren’s fastest model.

Along the way, he did call it “the fastest car in my fleet,” and he might not be wrong. The hypercar has a V8 and an electric motor that generate a total of 1,070 ps that – according to the manufacturer – translate into 1,036 hp. The Speedtail can go all the way to 250 mph (402 kph).

When he pulled up at the service, the manager shared his model is one of the first Speedtails they’ve ever done. And that the service entails oil changes, filter changes, and other basic things for the first year.

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for. How much money does Manny Khoshbin have to pay for that? $2,200. And he thinks it's a bargain, because he’s “used to paying $25,000.” He adds that he has to buy another Speedtail since its maintenance costs so little.

The Speedtail is McLaren's first-ever Hyper-GT, and it was revealed in late 2018. The hypercar comes with a price tag of $2.6 million for the base model.

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