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Manhart’s Vicious MHX5 800 Is a BMW X5 M Competition on Aftermarket Steroids
If you thought this Beemer couldn’t possibly get any better, you were utterly mistaken.

Manhart’s Vicious MHX5 800 Is a BMW X5 M Competition on Aftermarket Steroids

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There's no doubt that Manhart Performance is a genuine apex predator in Germany’s tuning food chain. Ever since the company’s birth, Wuppertal’s aftermarket specialist amassed a plethora of tasty creations that’ll leave just about any self-respecting petrolhead truly lost for words.

As time went by, we checked out Manhart’s lineup on several occasions to drool over some of their juiciest ventures, such as a BMW M5 with 823 wild horses on tap and a Toyota Supra enveloped in a graceful golden wrap, to name a couple. If these bad boys don’t soothe each and every last corner of your gearhead soul, then I don’t know what will!

This time around, we’ll be diving in for a thorough examination of Manhart’s work on Bavaria’s mighty X5 M Competition – a chunky SUV that couldn’t possibly get any better; or so we thought. Within its engine bay, the stock vehicle houses a monstrous 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 powerplant that boasts 32 valves and a healthy compression ratio of 10.0:1.

At approximately 6,000 revs, this brutal piece of German machinery will be more than happy to summon as much as 625 PS (616 hp). On the other hand, the engine is perfectly capable of producing a feral torque output of up to 553 pound-feet (750 Nm) between 1,800 and 5,600 rpm. An eight-speed Steptronic gearbox is tasked with distributing the mill’s unforgiving force to an all-wheel-drive system.

Ultimately, this state of affairs allows the X5 M Competition to do 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) in as little as 3.9 seconds, while the top speed is electronically governed at a whopping 155 mph (250 kph). The entire structure is supported by a double-wishbone setup at the front, while rear suspension duties are taken good care of by an independent multi-link module. Stopping power is handled by a set of ventilated brake discs and ABS on all four sides. By now, it’s quite safe to conclude that BMW’s menacing SUV is a force to be reckoned with.

As if the X5 M Competition wasn’t already a genuine showstopper straight off the production line, Manhart’s gifted auto artists went about developing a tuning kit that takes things to an entirely new level. Their package has been dubbed MHX5 800, and yes, that number is a hint to the car’s updated horsepower figure.

For starters, the most notable upgrades have been applied to the vehicle’s powertrain, helping the 4.4-liter V8 discover its true potential. Under the hood, you will find the tuner’s very own top-shelf turbocharger unit, which comes equipped with a larger intercooler. Besides adding new hardware, Manhart also proceeded to remap the ECU for good measure.

Additionally, the leviathan breathes a little more freely, thanks to a stainless-steel exhaust system with ceramic-coated tailpipes that boast a diameter of 3.94 inches (100 mm). As a result, this whole shebang dials the twin-turbo beast’s output figures to no less than 823 PS (811 hp) and 797 pound-feet (1,080 Nm) of crushing torque at optimal revs. To handle the extra oomph with ease, the eight-speed automatic transmission has also been tweaked.

Manhart’s creature rolls on a set of colossal 22-inch Concave One hoops, hugged tightly by 295/30 ZR22 rubber. The fresh shoes are complemented by a ferocious body kit that serves to let everyone know they’re not dealing with a standard X5 M here. As such, we notice a custom hood with carbon fiber gills and a beefy bumper up front, along with a pair of humungous side skirts on the flanks and one bulky diffuser at the rear end.

As you might expect from this firm, details on pricing and availability for the MHX5 800 will only be disclosed upon request. Should you be looking to spice things up on your Bavarian SUV, then we’d encourage you to get in touch via the company’s official website!


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