Manhart’s MH2 400 Spotted in Germany

Manhart MH2 400 6 photos
Manhart Racing MH2 400Manhart Racing MH2 400Manhart Racing MH2 400Manhart Racing MH2 400Manhart Racing MH2 400
The Manhart upgraded BMW M235i hasn’t been officially unveiled yet but the world is really excited about seeing it both on the street and on the track, setting new records.
With rumors about an upcoming BMW M2 in the works floating around, the focus on the tuner’s creation is even bigger. That’s because according to early reports, it will be having more power than the M car developed by the Bavarians themselves.

The Manhart MH2 400 (that’s the name they picked for it) will be making 400 HP and 560 Nm (414 lb-ft) of torque out of the N55HP engine fitted under the bonnet. That will be roughly 20-30 more horsepower than the rumored 370-380 unit the Motorsport division is working on today.

However, power isn’t the only thing that matters inside a great car. The chassis, balance and suspension also have to work flawlessly at the same time to create a complete package and while we have the utmost respect for Manhart, we hardly think they can compare themselves to BMW’s Motorsport division in this regard.

That being said the M2 and MH2 400 should be two crazy fun and different cars at the same time. While the tuner’s creation could be faster on a straight line, on the track the BMW would prove victorious and more fun to drive.

Until we get to see them both side by side, a fast on the trigger spotter managed to catch the yellow Manhart creation off guard in Adenau, Germany. Check it out!

Via Autogespot
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