Mandatory Gloves and Back Protectors, Obviously another Idea from French Deputies

Some guys in the French parliament definitely have way too much time. Unfortunately, they seem to have listed screwing up with motorcycle riders’ lives as one of their priorities, so here’s another stupid law proposal: mandatory gloves and back protectors. Now, as we know we have a lot of riders opposing even helmet laws, how’s this for a change? Funny, right? At least to a point, it definitely is a funny project.
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One of the things which never cease to amaze us is the way some of the lawmakers are continuously shifting focus from the real cause of the accidents, the very same accident statistics they invoke when new bills are being made. Most of these guys believe that when talking about injured or dead motorcyclists, the riders themselves are the sole cause for the mishaps… and therefore something has to be done with the riders. The rest of the factors… what rest of the factors?

Funny how some of the French law-makers are so ignorant

Yes, it’s funny and not-that-funny at the same time. First of all because, we seldom hear about serious ideas on how to increase road safety for riders by raising awareness of OTHER road users and promoting best practices among ALL motorists. In a way, this sounds like a “riders get injured or die – riders must be made tougher somehow” way of seeing things and this is, pardon my French, very stupid.

On the other hand, making wearing motorcycle-specific gloves and back protectors mandatory interfere with the personal budgets of the tax payers, and this is not at all funny. Having the state telling you on what you must spend your money is definitely not a nice stunt. Au contraire, I’d even say this is openly abusive. What’s next, wearing a specific type of motorcycle boots?

Of course being geared up helps when luck runs out, and wearing gloves and other protective gear minimizes the injuries, but having this IMPOSED as a law is outright wrong. And when this measure is uni-directional, in the absence of any other endeavor to make drivers more aware on how easily they can put riders in danger, things are even worse.

It’s hard to explain what’s wrong with some guys in the French parliament and why are they constantly coming up with all sorts of preposterous ideas which are supposedly helping the riding community. Frankly, not a single truly interesting law proposal we have heard of from France lately was anything but trying to put the riding community to spend more, arbitrarily. This makes us wonder whether these chaps do anything to deserve their wages!

According to insella, it looks like the French media has also begun investigating possible links these deputies may have with local gear manufacturers, because the whole deal just smells…
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