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Manchester City's Jet Rocked by Turbulence Due to Storm Dudley

Manchester City’s plane struggled to land at Manchester Airport on Wednesday after returning from Portugal. High winds rocked the jet mid-air and eventually forced it to take an unexpected detour o Liverpool during Storm Dudley.
Manchester City's Jet Mid-Air 6 photos
Boeing 757-200Boeing 757-200Boeing 757-200Man City's Jet's TrajectoryMan City's Mid-Air
Britain is now facing a very serious situation due to Storm Dudley, which left many without power and caused travel disruptions.

Manchester City has also struggled because of the storm. The jet that was bringing the soccer players home from Portugal tried to land at Manchester Airport on Wednesday, after Tuesday’s 5-0 win against Sporting Lisbon.

The team’s private jet circled three times, but failed to put the landing gear on the runway. A terrifying video posted online showed the jet rocked mid-air as it descended and tried to land, trying to fight the strong winds brought in the area by Storm Dudley. The plane was eventually diverted to Liverpool John Lennon Airport, where it landed safely.

The video footage, which you can see below, shows the plane in very turbulent conditions, and it’s almost at a standstill in flight, in a very unstable position, while dealing with winds up to 40 knots (46 mph/ 74 kph).

At the time of the storm, the entire soccer team was traveling on the Titan Airways Boeing 757 aircraft. Dubbed as one of the most popular Boeing aircraft, the jet comes with an adaptable seating configuration and spacious cabin. The standard configuration includes 202 leather seats in a six-abreast layout, but it can be configurated from 20 to 76 business class seats. Powered by Pratt & Whitney PW2037 engines, it has a range of 3,600 nautical miles (4,142 mi / 6,667 km) and a cruise speed of 550 mph (885 kph).

The soccer club released a short statement on Twitter that reads: "We can confirm the plane transporting the first team home from Lisbon has landed safely in Liverpool, after high winds forced a diversion from Manchester."

The team was able to return home and celebrate the win safely.

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Editor's note: Gallery showing official pictures of the Titan Airways Boeing 757-200, and Man City's jet in the air


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