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Man Steals $9,000 From Another Man’s Tray at The Airport, Doesn’t Get Too Far

You don’t think someone would be as stupid as to steal something at the airport, where there are security cameras all around, but the sight of so much cash lying around took this thief’s entire capacity for reason.
Thief and victim stand feet apart at the Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Italy 11 photos
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He got busted in the meantime, but Italian authorities are using him as an example. The Polizia di Stato released CCTV footage from the Fiumicino Airport in Rome, when one man stole another passenger’s cash from his tray. He then casually slipped away, thinking he was $9,000 richer.

You can see the footage at the bottom of the page as well. According to Polizia di Stato, the thief saw the money and took it after realizing the rightful owner was just going through the x-ray machine. He then continued to collect his own belongings calmly, as the other dude freaked out when he realized his money was missing.

Before you judge the poor dude for carrying this amount in cash and / or for placing it in the tray before going through security, the Polizia says that the money was to pay for a sick relative’s treatment. No wonder he was freaking out.

Also take a moment to appreciate the thief’s calm demeanor. With his victim panicking right beside him and one security guard trying to get him to cool down, he takes the time to put on his belt and tie a sweater across the neck, before casually strolling off.

He took advantage of the confusion he himself had created. The Polizia says he then went and hid the money in the bathroom and was thinking he would come and pick up the 2 envelopes when he returned from his trip. The cops busted him as he was about to board the plane, and the cash was returned to its rightful owner.

And yes, it does seem like there’s security cameras in airport toilets, too.


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