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Man Runs Across the F1 Track at 2015 Chinese GP, Heads for Ferrari Garage

Actual F1 statistics aside, Scuderia Ferrari is in big trouble for the 2015 Formula One seasons since it seems people simply can’t stop trolling them.
Man Runs Across the F1 Track at 2015 Chinese GP 1 photo
Earlier today, we told you the story of how Mr. Dickbutt ended up on Ferrari SF15-T racecar. Considering how self-confident Enzo Ferrari was, this episode certainly makes into the top three motorsport fails of all time. Sure, UPS, whose logo-campaign is responsible for this, has addressed the issue meanwhile, but history has been written.

However, it seems Maranello’s ordeal has been taken further than that. Believe it or not, a man has run across the track during practice for the Chinese GP, heading straight for the garage with the Prancing Horse logo.

The guy jogged right between two passing cars and could’ve obviously caused a carnage. Luckily, he managed to cross the track before anything else could happen. In fact, you can see his insanity session in the footage below.

The man reportedly aimed to enter the Scuderia Ferrari garage and take one of their cars for a spin, but was stopped by a pair of mechanics. The Chinese authorities aren’t exactly the loose kind, so it’s quite a wonder how such a security breach was found.

The man was handed over the track security, with the police subsequently taking over. He is now in custody. As much as we’d like to dream about waking up one morning and finding out we’ve become F1 cars overnight, this is a story with quite some horror potential.

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