Man Mistakes a Public Road for His Driveway, Harasses Photographers with His SUV

America was built on the idea of private property and every man's right to defend it, so you better not mess with somebody's land, or you could be in serious trouble. If that somebody also turns out to be a warmongering ape driving a large SUV, then you really must have drawn the shortest stick possible.
The man with the biggest driveway in the world 2 photos
The man with the biggest driveway in the world
With people owning acres of land, it's hard to tell where public property ends and private one begins. The authorities often fail to signal things properly, so why should we expect any better from private individuals? Especially when we've just settled that they need to manage huge ranches out in the middle of nowhere.

A group of three young men was out on what looked like a deserted road, trying to catch some beauty shots of a white Audi RS5, when a very aggressive man came charging down in a beat-up yet very threatening Ford Excursion SUV.

As we've said, it's hard to tell whether the man was right or not about them being on his property, but it sure looks like he was full of that thing he collects with a shovel after his cows have finished eating and digesting. However, the three guys make use of their far better education and remain calm, always showing the berserk cowboy the respect he clearly didn't deserve.

After a short exchange of ideas, the man in the truck takes off. "This is great," says the guy filming, but he was wrong. The SUV makes a U-turn and comes charging towards the photographer's lights set on a tripod. He doesn't think twice and goes next to the tripod in a desperate attempt to protect them from a crashy demise. The Excursion stops in the nick of time as the man driving it repeatedly informs them that they are "on his driveway" and that they should go. Like, yesterday.

There are a few tense moments, especially when one of the three appears to tell the driver the "f" word, which is what finally makes him get out of the vehicle and confront the three face to face. Continuing to avoid the conflict, the young men ignore the bully and begin to consider retreating. In the end, it's the guy's phone that comes out the worst out of this situation when it's knocked to the ground. We only hope it wasn't an iPhone as we all know it only takes a stronger gust of wind to break their screens.



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