Man Lies on The Tracks to Avoid Being Hit by Train, Cheats Death

We’ve all seen this stunt in movies and it’s always to great effect: the good guy is thrown onto the tracks and the train is speeding his way so, to avoid being hit and killed, he lays low and the train passes over him.
Commuter cheats death, lies on the tracks as train passes above him 6 photos
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In the movies, the good guy is never injured. It turns out, in real life too, this stunt can be a life-saver, as one commuter from India found out just recently. He too was in a position in which he had to lie on the tracks to avoid being hit by the train, and it was the one thing that saved his life.

“The man, named locally as Amit Agarwal, was waiting for a train when crossed the tracks to see friend on the opposite platform in India,” the Daily Mail reports. “But instead of using the footbridge, he walked over the tracks without noticing an express train approaching.”

The incident occurred at the Dholapur railway station at Rajasthan and ended without as much as a single scratch on Amit. He was, however, in shock, as you can see from the video available at the bottom of the page.

He is seen on the ground, as the train rushes above him. Once it passes, he gets up and looks about himself dazed and confused, and is then helped back on the platform by the other commuters who had witnessed the incident. As a side note, as shocking as this whole thing was, they don’t seem too impressed, do they?

One of the witnesses told the local media that Amit was taken to the hospital either way, as a precaution.

“He got slightly injured in the head when he hit the ground,” a railway police officer adds, as cited by the same publication. “We took him to a hospital for first aid, summoned his family members and then sent him home with them.”

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