Man Leaves His Wedding Rehearsal in a Model X to Stop a Police Chase

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If we're honest, weddings tend to be pretty cliche affairs that we only remember so vividly because of their personal meaning to each and every one of us. Well, for John Tran, his rehearsal before the big day might actually overshadow the wedding itself, and it's all down to a Tesla Model X and a car thief.
Captioning an Instagram post showing the aftermath of the crash, John tells the tale of what happened. The man was leaving the rehearsal dinner at a mall in San Jose at the wheel of a Tesla Model X electric SUV he had rented for the wedding. He heard police sirens and saw the strobe lights, but he didn't make too much of it.

As he completed a left-hand turn onto the road, he got rammed by a silver sedan. He says the car was traveling at "at least" 65 mph (105 km/h) before the impact, and considering it was running away from the police, that seems completely plausible.

The runaway car hit him in the driver side door, instantly teleporting the heavy SUV 20 or 30 feet away from the initial impact point. Naturally, all airbags are deployed, and the inside of the vehicle is a foggy mess for a few minutes, much like John's head, we can imagine.

He manages to creep out of the car just in time to see the two occupants of the other car try to make a run for it on foot, with police officers in pursuit. He says his right hand was really sore, but a visit to the ER declared him "unharmed."

Looking at the image he posted, we somehow doubt the car was indeed doing the claimed speed as the damage doesn't appear to be nearly as severe as it should. However, considering the Model X was hit in the side, the way the SUV behaved is impressive regardless of the other car's velocity.

John Tran was obviously not going to be driving a Tesla Model X for his wedding the next day, but after issuing multiple thank you messages to Tesla and Elon Musk, he says he is now interested in buying one as their new family car. And, yes, if safety is your number one priority, you can't really do much better than a Model X SUV.

Oh, and the police did catch one of the two runners, in case you were wondering what had happened to them.

Here is John Tran's description of the incident:

"I'll try to make this short. On 5/5 the night before my wedding to my amazing wife @nancy_deee . I was involved in a hit and run accident. I was leaving our family rehearsal dinner at a local mall in San Jose. I rented a #teslamodelx for as our wedding vehicle. Nancy and I had separate cars because we were parting ways from there. She was going to the hotel to be with her bridesmaids and I was going to wrap up loose ends with a couple of groomsmen @alexnguyen.45 and dalton. We heard and saw sirens from the mall security but really didn't think was up, it stopped and it was quiet. As I was pulling out of the parking stall and onto the mall loop street, I began to make my left turn to get on to the road. Just as I'm completing my turn a stolen silver car that was running away from police and helicopters going at least 65mph, plows directly into my driver side door and immediately send me 20-30 ft away from my original spot. All airbags deploy and I'm seeing nothing but smoke in the cabin. At this point, I try to open the door by hand, but it's stuck, and my right hand is swollen like a pillow. I try again by kicking my way out and am able to free myself. I get out and I see the drivers book it, and quickly followed by cops. Soon after an amazing mother and daughter who saw the whole thing happen came to help me and woke me up. Randomly friends who just happened to be in the lot saw me laying on the ground and assisted me up from my daze. Eventually they catch 1 of the 2 runners and I'm left with a busted wedding car sore hand, ankle, and ego. I thought to myself, why this night. The night before my very own wedding, and how am I alive right now. I get driven to the ER and was quickly seen by the nurses and checked out to be ultimately, unharmed. I just want to thank @elonmusk @teslamotors @tesla_modelx #tesla #teslamodelx #elonmusk for building an amazing life saving machine. The @sjpdofficial and @sanjosefirefighters said I am so lucky to be alive being hit at that speed. My God the one and only #jesus #john316 could make that happen. I am standing and married today because #jesuschrist allowed me to be in a #tesla. I am now on my quest to find a model x."
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