Man Is Trying To Review the Sports Car Fleet He Is Selling, Cat Keeps Videobombing Him

Cat videobombing reviewer trying to sell his cars 6 photos
Photo: YouTube | Number 27
Cat videobombing reviewer trying to sell his carsCat videobombing reviewer trying to sell his carsCat videobombing reviewer trying to sell his carsCat videobombing reviewer trying to sell his carsCat videobombing reviewer trying to sell his cars
Meet Pistacchio, the cat that wants to become an internet sensation and videobombs the owner's video recording. What does that have to do with cars, you may ask. The owner was just trying to review the cars that he is selling: a Peugeot, a Bentley, and a Ferrari.
Pistacchio is the furry intruder with a white paint job and black accents on the right ear and tail. He is around six months old and has to sniff everything, check everything with his claws, and, of course, try to be the star of the video. That is why he keeps videobombing Jack while he is trying to convince people to buy the cars that he is selling.

It is a sad day for Jack. He must indeed sell his sports car fleet. It consists of a Peugeot, a Bentley, and a Ferarri. He starts the presentation with the French hot hatch. He says that he wanted a car that would be fun, and not too expensive to run, so he ended up with the Peugeot 306 GTI 6. It has been his daily for years, and it has now clocked around 74,000 miles. It is powered by a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter 16v engine that drives the front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox.

While he is reviewing the Peugeot, Pistacchio makes an appearance, trying to jump on the hood. But the hood is wet, so he slips down. He makes it on a second attempt. But Jack grabs him saying: "They're supposed to buy it. You can’t scratch that!"

Well, the seats he bought the car with looked like they were seriously scratched by Pistacchio, before Jack paid 600 pounds to fix them. Now the car goes for 9,000 pounds. "It is one of the best in the country," he explains the price gap between his Peugeot 306 GTI-6 and cheaper ones that are on the used car market.

The second one is the Bentley, which came to him after he made a video referring to cars you should not buy because they would be terribly expensive to maintain. This one was on the list. But he just could not stay away from the 2005 V12-powered Bentley when he saw how cheap it was, ignoring his very own recommendation. He spent a fortune to fix all the issues he bought it with, and now he is trying to get rid of it. Wondering why that is happening…

The Ferrari 308 GTS, known as The InfluEnzo, is the one that Jack started the YouTube channel Number 27 with, three years ago. But he could use it properly only for the past three months, when he finally managed to fix all the issues it came with. But what would one expect when buying an almost 40-year old Ferrari with 80,000 miles on the odometer? He is now selling the car for $65,000. And he is open to negotiation. The cars have to go, but the cat stays. Seriously, Pistacchio is not for sale!
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