Man Hurls Child’s Carseat at Bus, Gets Sprayed With the Fire Extinguisher

When you see two motorists duking it out on the road and one of them heads for the trunk, the last thing you’d expect him or her to retrieve from there is a child’s carseat.
Bus driver uses fire extinguisher to fight off attacker armed with child's carseat 5 photos
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Yet this is precisely the weapon of choice of one angry driver who had a quarrel to settle with a bus driver. The incident happened at the end of last month in Santiago, Chile, with the Daily Mail pinpointing the exact location as Kennedy Avenue in the Las Condes district.

Of course, there is video of the insane altercation, which you will also find available at the bottom of the page. No one seems to know what started the fight, but one thing is clear: the dude in the car did not come out as winner.

As the video starts, the fight has already started. The man pulled over the car right in front of the bus, blocking it and the two drivers seem to be exchanging words. At one point, the driver of the car goes in the back, pops open the trunk and comes back with a carseat. It’s unclear whether he had any children with him in the car at that exact moment, but here’s to hoping he didn’t.

The driver hurls the carseat at the bus several times, only to get sprayed in the face with a powder fire extinguisher. Still, he comes back time and time again though, for all his efforts, he only succeeds in ripping off the side mirror.

At one point, he seems about to give up, so he goes back to his car and throws the carseat inside. But he still comes back, using his fist to try and smash the window of the bus. That’s when he gets hit with the dry chemicals once more, straight in the face. It’s more than he can take and, in a complete haze, he makes a hasty retreat.

While the dude didn’t come out as winner, he gets some credit for lasting so long in the fight. It was a stupid fight, but he did his best. As one user commented to the video on social media, “I work as a fire safety inspector. I accidentally took a direct shot to the face once. I'm amazed that dude came back for more. All I could do was cough and sneeze for like 15 minutes.”

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