Man Gets Trapped in a C6 Corvette with Dead Battery, Calls 911

Man Gets Trapped in a C6 Corvette, Calls 911 1 photo
Photo: Corvette Blogger
It turns out some people out there are really unlucky human beings and there’s nothing they can do about it. Hemon Haskins from Lynchburg, Virginia just couldn’t resist his eagerness to check out this 2007 Corvette C6 that was on sale at a car lot last week. So the man climbed inside and closed the door. Problem is, the car’s battery had run out of juice so the man found himself trapped inside.
We are all a bit claustrophobic so it’s no wonder people tend to loose it whenever they found themselves it this sort of situations. That’s pretty much what happened with this guy. That and the fact that for a Corvette enthusiast he didn’t seem to know much about the car. The thing is, ever since 2005, these cars have had electronic locks on the doors instead of manual ones, so if you don’t have the key fob, you could get trapped inside.

That is, however, if you don’t know that there are manual ways to unlock the door. Apparently the car can be accessed by a person without the key fob in two ways, through the emergency door lock releases. One is located under the driver’s seat and the other in the trunk. Looks like this fellow didn’t know about that.

So what do you do when you get nervous and stuck in coupe? You call 911, of course. Apart from the situation itself, the conversation between the 911 operator and the “victim” could make for the funniest auto joke of the day, if you ask us. “I mean is your door jammed or?” the operator asked. “No it’s got one of these electronic doors and it’s stuck, it’s locked,” said Haskins.

The day was saved by a kind passenger who heard Haskins desperately honking the horn, as he was able to open the door from the outside. Well, at least now you know what to do in case you go through the same thing this man experienced!
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