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Man Gets Caught on Camera Having Sex with a Porsche

We all love cars sometimes more than our girlfriends, but some people just take things too far. The unfortunate bastard in the video below was so in love with a Porsche Boxster that he just couldn’t resist the urge anymore and had sex with it.
Dude having sex with a Porsche 1 photo
Is that even possible, you might ask. Well, we’re not exactly sure as our love for cars remains within the reasonable limits at all times but he sure does seem to enjoy his ‘private’ time with the car.

Unfortunately for him, there was a surveillance camera on the premises that caught his ‘lovemaking’ acts red handed. Don’t get us wrong, we’re big fans of Porsches too but if we were to degrade ourselves like that (which probably wouldn’t happen anyway), we’d make sure we do it with something a bit rarer than a Boxster.

Maybe a 918 Spyder would be a better choice if one were utterly forced to go down this road or an ultra-rare Porsche 356 Prototype for example but not a Boxster.

That’s just us though and, once again, no matter how deep our love would go, we’d never take our trousers off and start actually going ‘carnal’ on a car. We do, however, to some far extent, understand the urge that probably got over this man.

Unfortunately, there’s no additional info available online about this whole ... lover’s affair other than that it happened in Thailand. If you know something we don’t (such as maybe he was high at the time or terribly drunk, even though he doesn’t seem that way from the moves he puts on the car) let us know in the comments section, below.



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