Man from China Builds Electric Supercar for $5,000

Man from China Build Electric Supercar for $5,000 5 photos
Man from China Build Electric Supercar for $5,000Man from China Build Electric Supercar for $5,000Man from China Build Electric Supercar for $5,000Man from China Build Electric Supercar for $5,000
Building something out of fiberglass and telling everybody it's a supercar doesn't make it that super. But we love originality, so we're fans of this Chinese man and his creation.
According to China National Radio, Chen Yanxi is a 27-year old that works in a glass factory. But his real passion is supercars, one which he indulged by building one himself.

Working from his workshop in Haikou, located in southern China’s Hainan Province, Chen made the dream happen. After putting pen to paper and sketching out his dream, he started building it.
The frame of the car is made from galvanized piping and the exterior from fiberglass. Care to guess how much it cost him? Nope, you're wrong, just 30,000 yuan or $5,000.

The car is made from spare parts and has a small electric motor, so it could only reach 40 km/h in recent tests. Like we said, it's not that "super".

However, we can't deny that Chen has a flair for car design. The central driving position should remind everybody of the Lamborghini Egoista concept, while the red paint is typical for a Ferrari. The overall design is like something Pininfarina would make, but the doors hinge at the headlights, which we've never seen before.

Chen will never be allowed to drive his bizarre creation on the road. Only companies approved by the Chinese state are allowed on the road. In any case, the vehicle seems to be lacking side mirrors, indicators, and other critical safety features. Still, this is in total contrast to what's going on in America. Consider the Local Motors Rally Fighter – if you can prove you built it, America lets you drive it on the road, even if it's not 100% safe.
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