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Man Facing Jail Time After Tamara Ecclestone Kidnapping Hoax

We all known the lovely Tamara Ecclestone, the young daughter of the Formula 1 boss and billionaire Bernie. Most people wouldn’t touch a hair on her lovely body in anger, but some don’t seem to know any better.
Tamara Ecclestone 1 photo

The Telegraph
recently reported that a British that Martin Peckham, a 41YO dental technician, tried to blackmail Bernie out of £200,000 in return for the safe return of his beautiful daughter which he said he kidnapped.

Ecclestone called the police, the man was placed in custody and has now pleaded guilty for his crimes.

An offence of this kind inevitably leads to a significant and substantial prison sentence but I am prepared to adjourn sentence for a report not to help the court with what the outcome should be but as to how long the sentence should be. I give you no false hope, you will understand what the inevitable sentence must be,” said Judge Alistair McCreath.

The man was a divorced father of two and needed the money for an impending wedding and to buy a house. Don’t we all!


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