Man Crashes Chevrolet Into Motel Building After Dispute With Clerk

A 62-year-old man staying at a motel in El Cajon, California didn’t just drunk-drive: he drunk-drove and then used the car as a weapon, by smashing it into the motel building he was staying at, looking to injure one of the clerks.
Chevy crashed into motel building on purpose, in El Cajon, California 5 photos
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This sounds like the kind of story you can’t make up. El Cajon Police Department have the man in custody: despite crashing his Chevrolet sedan in the building, he wasn’t injured. He is looking at some serious charges, though, according to NBC San Diego: attempted murder and domestic violence, and possibly a DUI.

It all started when the man got into a fight with his partner at the Budget Inn Motel. When he came out of the room, one of the clerks reportedly made contact with him and words were exchanged. The topic of the conversation has not been made public yet, but NBC San Diego notes that the man “made threats” toward the clerk before getting in his car and driving off.

The clerk probably assumed that was the end of it, but the suspect didn’t feel the same. He returned to the motel some hours later, and drove his car right into the building. Police say that, at the time of the impact, he was doing in excess of 40mph and it was pure chance that saved the clerk. The car smashed into the building inches from where he was sitting.

“The clerk, who was sitting behind the desk at the time of the crash, was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries,” the same media outlet report. “ECPD said the suspect, a 62-year-old man, was arrested and is facing attempted murder and domestic violence charges, and possibly DUI charges.”

As of the time of press, the motel was still open but an investigation is underway to determine whether the building has suffered structural damages in the crash.


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