Man Buys the First Totaled Tesla Cybertruck, How Is He Even Going To Get Parts for It?

Tesla Cybertruck totaled 12 photos
Photo: BoostedBoiz | YouTube
Tesla Cybertruck totaledTesla Cybertruck totaledTesla Cybertruck totaledTesla Cybertruck totaledTesla Cybertruck totaledTesla Cybertruck totaledTesla Cybertruck totaledTesla Cybertruck totaledTesla Cybertruck totaledTesla Cybertruck totaledTesla Cybertruck totaled
Rebuild a totaled Tesla Cybertruck. Now, that is an insane project. However, Kyle Wade took on the challenge. But how is he even going to get parts for the rebuild? The Cybertruck is still new, and the used car parts market is still poor.
One day, Kyle Wade, an expert in rebuild projects, got an email from a subscriber, Jayden, who told him his grandfather ended up with his Tesla Cybertruck totaled after a Ford Edge side-swiped it while he was driving to a meeting. The front and rear passenger doors were damaged. There is also a secondary damage as the Ford pushed the Tesla into a Stop sign.

He told him he would hate to see the Cybertruck rot in some scrap or salvage yard, so he wanted to sell it to him. Despite all the setbacks, it was something that he just could not refuse. So, the Tesla pickup truck has just become his new rebuild project. The thing is that nobody knows much about the vehicle because it is brand-new.

Kyle had to drive for 18 hours one way from Florida to Missouri. He got to sleep in his truck on the side of the road before he went to meet up with the owner of the damaged Cybertruck, Jerry, in Kansas City, Missouri, to load the EV up on a trailer and bring it home.

Finally, face to face with the Cybetruck, a dual-motor variant, he sees the entire passenger side covered in a protective plastic foil because the doors were removed. The photos showed the vehicle with doors.

Tesla Cybertruck totaled
Photo: BoostedBoiz | YouTube
Despite how bad the Cybertruck looks, Jerry was fin. He only got a burn on his upper arm from the airbags. When the airbags deployed, the car instantly stopped and called 911. The damage inspector told him that it was the first time he had seen a car damaged like that, and people on board walked away.

"It drives better than any vehicle I've ever driven," says Jerry, sorry to have to give up his brand-new Cybertruck. After the crash, the rear wheels are locked as part of an automatic safety protocol, and one of the wheels on the front axle is turned outwards. A broken tie rod is to blame for that, but Kyle will manage to fix that on his own.

The driver's side also suffered damage from the stop sign and into a curb. The sill and rear door are slightly bent, and the rear fender flare was ripped off. The Ford Edge hit right into the C-pillar and was totaled. Things went south because the driver of the Ford bounced into another lane and got hit by another vehicle.

The doors now sit in the rear passenger seat, while there are other components in the load bed. Jerry is not giving up his Cybertruck love. He has got another one coming and can't wait to see it in his driveway.

Tesla Cybertruck totaled
Photo: BoostedBoiz | YouTube
"I wanted to be the first one to get the Cybertruck in Kansas City. Now, I am the first one to get it totaled," Jerry jokes.

Kyle powers the Cybertruck with a new battery, but getting it up on the trailer is not going to be easy. It is one of the heaviest vehicles out there, tipping the scales at around 6,000 pounds (2,722 kilograms).

Hours later, with the tie rod straightened, it is finally ready to go on the trailer. The Cybertruck is 223.74 inches (5,683 millimeters) long and 79.99 inches (2,032 millimeters), so it barely fits. It still needs protective plastic on the passenger's side so that the rain does not come in and soak the interior.

When another Cybertruck (not totaled!) passes by him on the highway, he calls it a refrigerator on wheels. That is the exact same type of refrigerator that he has loaded on the trailer behind him.

After 18 hours on the road, he finally makes it home.

This Tesla Cybertruck was totaled back in May

We reported about this Tesla Cybertruck looking as if it were T-boned by a tank earlier this year. Photos from the scene also showed the Ford Edge severely crumpled after the impact.

Tesla Cybertruck totaled
Photo: Dale Gribble | Tesla Cybertruck Facebook Group
As Jerry told in the video, a component of the Edge ended up stuck in the rear door panel of the Cybertruck. Back then, little did we know what the insurance company would decide about the Cybertruck. Now, we know that it was declared a write-off.

The model would have ended up in a scrap yard or sold for parts if the owner of the BoostedBoiz YouTube channel had not bought it with the sole purpose of rebuilding it and probably selling it for profit. It is, after all, a brand new Cybertruck.

Not the first Cybertruck on the salvage car market

Earlier this year, we reported about the first two Tesla Cybertrucks, which ended up on the salvage car market. One of them looked intact from every angle you looked at it. However, it came with a salvage title and very bad news. It was flooded.

The listing did not mention if it ran or drove. However, starting the vehicle while there was still water in it was definitely not a good idea.

The ad is not online anymore, so it means that it may have been sold. The used car parts market for Tesla is still poor, so parts that would save damaged vehicles are gold for those who want to fix them without waiting for ages to get them from Tesla.

Another Cybertruck on the salvage car market was the one with a badly deformed front end. There is no information about how it ended up like that. But the model wrapped in Satin Black had less than 4,000 miles on the clock, all airbags deployed and was in bad need of a new face, because it did not look like it could be hammered back into its original shape.

This one is still for sale, which means that no one still believes it still is worth fixing. The electric pickup truck does look bad, indeed.

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