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Man Buys 12th of 30 Tesla Model Ys From Berlin Gigafactory, Crashes Two Days Later

The Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin was meant to be a symbol of the brand's ever-expanding influence in the global EV space. At least as far as the completion of the facility itself, that's been more or less a success. But as for the first set of production cars to leave the factory floor, there was a recent quite embarrassing incident on the premises.
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Tesla Model Y CrashTesla Model Y CrashElon Musk dancing in the new Gigafactory in BerlinTesla Giga Berlin receives its final operating permitTesla Giga Berlin receives its final operating permitGiga BerlinTrailers carrying several Tesla Model Y cars in Performance trim were spotted leaving the Gigafactory in Grünheide, near BerlinGiga Berlin’s final approval is expected by the end of the weekTesla Giga GrünheideTesla Giga Grünheide
Tesla Model Y production number 12, "Giga 0012," was slated to be delivered to Mr. Jorgh Minnebush of Oberhausen. The gentleman traveled all the way to Berlin in order to collect his prized German machine personally. But just two days after the German man picked up his EV, the darn thing had its rear bumper caved in by a wayward Audi driver at a local traffic light.

In fairness, the accident appears to have been minor, causing only superficial damage to the passenger side's rear bumper and fender. With most accidents of this small caliber, one would expect repair work to be done expediently and without much issue obtaining replacement body panels. But remember, there are just 30 Model Ys in the entirety of Germany right now, apart from a few imported American examples.

Good lucking getting a replacement bumper sent in from the United States shipped all the way to Central Europe while costing an arm and a leg and taking a month or more to arrive for the privilege. That's exactly the scenario that played out when Mr. Minnebush transported his new Tesla to a Bodyshop, who claimed it would be a minimum of several weeks until the rear bumper would arrive and the damage to the body can finally be repaired.

Even so, sources claim the owner of this Model Y has no regrets about sitting on a waiting list for as long as three years to receive Elon Musk's answer to an electric Crossover SUV. The gentleman even went as far to say that Mr. Musk was an all-around "extraordinary guy." Perhaps that's his personal perception, but people in the industry hold the opposite opinion.

Meanwhile, the very factory that built Giga 0012 is attracting some particularly polarizing reactions among the German people. Tesla's recent attempt to expand its production infrastructure to the international scale initially prompted questions as to the company and Elon Musk would tackle such a gargantuan task. The answer turned out to be quite simple.

Find the most skilled architects, engineers, and construction crew he could find, write up a blank check, and watch some vintage Musk Magic take hold in places like Berlin and Shanghai, Nevada, and Austin, Texas. So far, the results of the gigafactory projects have been quite positive. But whether or not this can be sustained long term remains to be seen. Check back for more from EV month right here on autoevolution.


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