Man Builds the Car That Tesla Should Have Made Years Ago

Tesla CyberRoadster 7 photos
Photo: Cyber Hooligan | YouTube
Tesla CyberRoadsterTesla CyberRoadsterTesla CyberRoadsterTesla CyberRoadsterTesla CyberRoadsterTesla CyberRoadster
This is the man who built a Tesla dream car long before Tesla even considered it. It used to be a Model 3 compact sedan, but now, he sophisticatedly calls it the CyberRoadster. "It has been a rollercoaster ride," he says two years after he started the insane project.
The CyberRoadster sounds like a vehicle that is halfway between the Cybertruck and the Tesla Roadster. It is, in fact, none of the two and a little bit of both. It is the creation of David Andreyev, a Tesla fan who is an expert in car conversions and rebuilds. Based in Sacramento, California, David started the project about two years ago and has been intensively working on it since.

It all started with a crashed Model 3 Performance. He kicked off the rebuild project in his driveway and eventually relocated to a shop. He stripped the car, cut some, and welded some. It was actually more than just "some," as all body panels were different from what the Model 3 featured. It looks nothing like the original car.

In fact, David Andreyev only kept the hood and doors of the sedan. Now, his CyberRoadster looks like a supercar with elements borrowed from the Corvette, Cybertruck, and, of course, Model 3. However, he wanted to have a bit of the Tesla Roadster DNA, so he tried to put that in the rear of the car. The glass is almost entirely bespoke as well.

He dedicated his own social media pages to the construction of the CyberRoadster, keeping followers up to date. He soon turned the conversion into the number one topic on his YouTube channel. However, he never thought his project would get so much attention.

Tesla CyberRoadster
Photo: Cyber Hooligan | YouTube
But he did hope it would. That is why he used parts of the names of two highly anticipated models, hoping that their popularity would earn him the spotlight that he wanted. And it did.

Customers had been waiting for the Cybertruck for four years from the date of the official unveiling back on November 25, 2019, until the moment deliveries started on November 30, 2023. Meanwhile, they are still waiting for the Roadster, first shown on November 17, 2017. That is right, it was eight years ago, and there is still no sign of the production version.

So, David Andreyev might have a shot at selling his own take of the Tesla Roadster before the real deal even hits the market. He retained the powertrain of the Tesla Model 3 Performance, so the car still comes with 480 horsepower (487 metric horsepower) and 471 pound-feet (639 Newton meters) of torque in a dual-motor setup. The Model 3 Performance did 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 kph) in 3.2 seconds.

But there is no information on how long it takes the CyberRoadster to hit 60 mph from a standstill. What we do know is that the build cost him $50,000 so far, and he is still counting.

Tesla CyberRoadster
Photo: Cyber Hooligan | YouTube
He recently installed OEM lights with a custom 12V LED lightbar on his brand-new roadster, a former Model 3. The tail light strip is from a 2023 Lexus LX600.

The vehicle features an RSR 1.5-inch lowering kit, Rohana RC7 wheels with a 20-inch diameter, and Toyo Proxes S tires. David also relocated the charging port to the rear, above the bumper donated by a 2015 Toyota BRZ. Meanwhile, the one at the front is from a 2023 Model 3.

The expert kept the original seats but lowered the seating position by three inches. He also installed a yoke by Hansshow instead of the original Model 3 steering wheel.

The creator of the CyberRoadster has already taken the vehicle to cars and coffee events and was surprised to see that everyone knew what it was because everyone had already seen it online.

David Andreyev is the man who shot to stardom in the field after he turned a Toyota Prius into an almost entirely homemade Cybertruck.

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