Man Builds Custom DeLorean Cars, Monster Truck and Limousine Included

Rich Weissensell custom-built DeLorean collection 1 photo
Photo: Barcroft TV
Rich Weissensell is a 50-year old software engineer from Chicago, Illinois, who has dedicated whatever spare time he had for his real passion: DeLorean cars. As opposed to many of the petrol heads who enjoy collecting them, this man is going one step further: he takes the wrecked models and modifies them into the weirdest cars on the planet.
Not only is he restoring wrecked DeLoreans saving them from being scrapped, but he also gets the chance to make his wildest dreams come true. Weissensell told fellows over at Barcroft TV everything started after he met the car’s founder himself, John DeLorean, at the Cleveland DeLorean Car Show in 2000. Rich showed him a couple of his sketches and asked for his permission to build them.

This is how, in the last 14-years, the DeLorean enthusiast managed to build several unique cars, including a Back To The Future monster truck, a limousine, a hovercraft, a convertible and a Time Machine Replica. The huge truck was ready in a month, using a wrecked DeLorean and a wrecked K5 Blazer. But it was far from being the weirdest in the line-up.

With a wheel base of 240 in. (609 cm) and an overall length of 25’9’’ (8 meters), the DeLorean Limo comes with three sets of gull wing doors, fully operational, which probably has never been attempted before.

Like any brainiac out there, there has to be at least one rule that guides any creator through his work. In Rich’s case it’s the fact that he will only use damaged DeLorean cars because there were so few items built he doesn’t want to ruin the good ones from the market.

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