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Mama Bear Has a Sleepover in Someone’s Subaru, Throws Quite a Party

Bears searching for food in residential areas are unfortunately becoming something way too common these days, but at some level, people living in Red Lodge are more or less familiar with such unexpected adventures.
Mother bear came together with two cubs 6 photos
The bear spent the night inside the carThe bear spent the night inside the carThe bear spent the night inside the carThe bear spent the night inside the carThe bear spent the night inside the car
However, Subaru owner Mike Pilati has a much more exciting, and in many ways frightening, story to tell.

As it turns out, a black bear and its two cubs approached the vehicle parked outside their home earlier this week, obviously looking for food. While the two cubs were climbing in a tree, the mother bear wanted to explore the Subaru more thoroughly, so it somehow managed to open the door and climb in.

It was the moment Pilati noticed something was wrong as he heard the alarm going off and the lights flashing. After a quick check, the man noticed the bear and called the sheriff’s department, eventually getting in touch with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. They were told someone would come over in the morning because everybody believed the bear was already on its way back home.

Mama bear, however, had different plans.

The bear eventually got trapped inside the car, so while the Pilatis assumed their car was safe, the animal was actually throwing a party inside.

So when Mike and Maria Pilati woke up in the morning, they noticed the bear was still inside their car. Because they didn’t want to wait for FWP to come over, the couple decided to try to open the door with a stick. And their idea worked like a charm, with the bear getting out and then running away with the two cubs.

The aftermath of the party is, well, costly. The interior of the car has been partially wrecked, not to mention the odor in the cabin. As it turns out, bears stink, the Subaru owners explain, so maybe cleaning up the interior is the top priority before actually proceeding with the required repairs.


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