Make Your Commute More Exciting With the Affordable Super73 Z-Series Fat Tire E-Bikes

Super73 manufactures stylish and retro-looking e-bikes destined for all kinds of uses, which have recently become popular among some celebrities. Today we're checking out the Z-series and discussing its three models.
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The first Super73s were hand-built in 2016 by a small team in Orange County, where they're still headquartered today. What made them unique at the time, and still does today, is the frame and design. Building on the heritage of vintage sports cruisers popular in the 1970s, the Super73s feature an eye-catching design that appeals to a large audience.

Today we're going to discuss the company's first series of products, the Z-series. With a low-riding cruiser style, these e-bikes can easily be used to commute, perfect for the average city-dweller. At first glance, you can see that they didn't populate the design with any nonsense, keeping it to the bare minimum. If you're used to other e-bikes, they might even look a bit empty inside. But personally, I like that you can easily see through the bike.

The Z-series has different models, the ZG, Z Miami, and the ZX.

Let's start with the ZG, the most inexpensive out of Super73's entire stock, with a base price of €1,600 ($1,592). Keep in mind that I'm browsing the EU version of the store as I'm automatically redirected there by the website. That being said, all the ZG models seem to be out of stock. There are no updates on when or if they will be restocked. Maybe they will discontinue this specific model to push the newer, more performant (and, naturally, more expensive) ones. I'll skip the ZG and look at the ZX, a refined version of the ZG, with a base price of €2,700 ($2,687).

The ZX has the signature Super73 cruiser style with a long banana seat. What's nice is the sleek way they added the battery to the design by integrating it with the seat. Worry not, it's removable, so you can take it out and charge it wherever and whenever you want. Also, we won't blame you if you thought the ZX was just a cool-looking traditional bike because it doesn't really give any e-bike vibes.

Let's imagine you're taking a seat on it. You'll probably first notice the upright position, then a kick if you decide to accelerate it. Using its 48V EPAC 250 W limited motor, the EU version of the ZX can reach speeds of up to 25 kph (15.5 mph), making it drivable without a driver's license in Europe. The US version can reach 24 mph (38.6 kph).

The bike is designed to offer as much assistance as possible. It features eight-speed gearing and four Pedal-Assist (PAS) Modes, which can be customized using the Super73 app. The e-bike has a 40-80-km (25-50-mile) range, depending on which of the four selectable speed levels you use. The charging time is quite long, taking you about 6-7 hours.

Here's a downside - the bike is quite heavy. Even though the frame is made of aluminum, the total weight (battery included) is 30 kg (66 lbs). It puts down the power through its 20" (51 centimeters) tires and stops the momentum using disk brakes. The LZRD tires were chosen with the daily commuter in mind, designed with micro knurling to improve grip while extending the tire life.

Super73\-Z Miami
Super73 took the ZX and reengineered it into another model, the Z Miami. Featuring the same motor, frame, and battery as the ZX, what makes it different is its slightly modified frame design, and a few more centimeters in its seat height. The starting price for this model is €2,400 ($2,389).

The ZX and the Z Miami are available to pre-order, with deliveries expected to start this fall. You can choose five colors for the ZX: Moon Rock, Storm Gray, Agave Green, Panthro Blue, and Ron Burgundy, while four colors are available for the Z Miami: Prickly Pink, Panthro Blue, Sriracha Red, and Powder Grey. You can upgrade both e-bikes with the off-road pack, which consists of an extra wide handlebar and a throttle.

The Z Series turned out to be an excellent start for Super73. Stay tuned, as we will also explore the other series they have created.

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