Major Event Brings Half a Dozen Rare Military Vehicles to War Thunder

Buccaneer S.1 6 photos
Photo: Gaijin Entertainment
BMD-4 airborne combat vehicleItalian destroyer RN AviereJapanese amphibious Type 3 Ka-Chi tankGerman Type 143 Bussard patrol boatFinnish VL Myrsky II fighter plane
War Thunder, one of the most popular vehicular combat multiplayer games, is getting a major event that adds half a dozen military vehicles considered rare by warfare pundits. The so-called Summer Landing event, which runs until the end of August, rewards the most elite warriors in War Thunder with unique prizes, including event and premium vehicles as well as troop emblems, decoration for ground forces and the naval fleet.
This time around, players get a chance to fight for the six new rare military vehicles: Finnish VL Myrsky II fighter plane, Japanese amphibious Type 3 Ka-Chi tank, Italian destroyer RN Aviere, British carrier-based Buccaneer S.1 attack jet, Russian BMD-4 airborne combat vehicle, and German Type 143 Bussard patrol boat. Unique decals and decoration honoring airborne and marine troops can also be won during the event.

Created specifically for the Finnish Air Force, the Myrsky II aircraft was produced locally just before World War II. It is highly regarded for its excellent light characteristics. The Myrsky II is armed with four high caliber machine guns and it’s very maneuverable.

The Ka-Chi is a Japanese amphibious tank created after the Chi-He medium tank. It’s one of the most exotic tanks in the game, apparently. Its only drawbacks are the huge size and the weak protection.

Moving on to the RN Aviere destroyer, this should be known to military history fans because of the Battle at Cape Passero where it bravely attacked the cruiser HMS Ajax. Like any destroyer, the Italian “soldier” carries torpedo armament. In this case, we have 6 high-speed torpedoes with 270 kg of TNT each. The most noticeable drawback of the Aviere is the low number of main calibre guns (only four), while the reloading speed of the guns also leaves much to be desired.

The Buccaneer S.1 was the first serial version of the Blackburn Buccaneer family of jets. Unlike later modifications, this one focused solely on attacking ground and naval targets. Unfortunately, since the Buccaneer S.1 doesn’t have the option to mount air-to-air missiles, it lacks any weapon system on board dedicated to air combat.

Next, we have the German Type 143 Bussard, a sister ship to the Albatros patrol boat, but with machine gun placements that help against airborne enemies. The Bussard, unlike the Albatros, has machine-gun armament: a pair of high-calibre and a pair of rifle-calibre machine guns. Both can automatically fire at low-flying targets. Also, the Bussard has two SEAL single-tube torpedo launchers. There are no spare torpedoes on board, and they have a very small amount of explosives, a rather low speed and a short travel distance.

German Type 143 Bussard patrol boat
Photo: Gaijin Entertainment
The BMD-4 airborne combat vehicle is probably the most interesting new vehicle added in the event. It was adopted by the Russian army in 2004 and has a great 100mm rifled cannon, that is also a launcher for ATGM’s, therefore can deal with any modern tank. A distinctive feature of the BMD-4 over most of its “classmates” is the ability to launch ATGM’s directly from the gun barrel. Missiles can be launched on the move, with up to four missiles available.

War Thunder is available for free on just about any gaming platform, including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.
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