Maine's Next Industry Could Be the Sale of Clean Air

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Pollution is so bad in some places of the world that some wealthy people buy packaged air from places where the situation is significantly better.
A business that was started as a joke on eBay a few years ago has been turned into a lucrative enterprise, and the person behind it wants to expand to the state of Maine.

According to the American Lung Association’s 2017 air quality study, the Bangor metropolitan area, located in the Pine Tree State, is among America’s 25 cities with the purest air. Meanwhile, 4 out of 10 Americans live in a place with polluted air.

The Canadian business owner who started the entire “bottled air” trend has announced his intention of “harvesting” fresh air from Maine. The state was considered as a new expansion direction because of its proximity to Canada.

As Bangor Daily reports, the CEO of Vitality Air has explained that he and his team are currently searching for a scenic place in the state where they could collect air. The place must be picturesque, and it needs to be easily recognizable to ease marketing and promotional activities.

Evidently, authorities in Maine could also benefit from the results of the study, which can be used to attract new residents. The air of Bangor was found to have extremely low levels of particle pollutants, which include liquid and solid particles. In other words, it is low in dust, smoke, and soot.

An eight liter can of fresh Canadian Rocky Mountain air is expected to last between 150 and 200 breaths, its makers say, and it costs $28.

The company picked up in the form of comic gifts for friends, but some of the people who received a can of fresh air tried it out, and they have become customers themselves.

An unnamed Chinese businessman explained that he had been given a can as a funny gift from his friends, but he started buying himself. He claimed a breath of the fresh Canadian air helped him out in stressful moments.
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 Download: The American Lung Association' “State of the Air® 2017” (PDF)

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