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Mahindra CR 321 Concept Could Be an Interesting Bike

Designer Oberdan Bezzi has anticipated Mahindra’s first potential move in the segment of small-displacement bikes which might sell well in Europe. His all-new Mahindra CR 321 Concept is a diminutive café-racer which could be most welcome appearance in the class, especially since the niche is almost empty.
Mahindra CR 321 Concept 2 photos
Mahindra CR 321 Concept
Retro-styled small bikes are still produced by Royal Enfield, but they address to a rather small demographic, represented mostly by adult riders who have already had a lot of bikes and still own some, and who are in search of a dash of retro design cues. Younger riders are less prone to be thrilled by bikes with ‘60s design, and here is where Mahindra can gain a lot of traction.

A modern-styled café-racer-ish sporty bike could represent the perfect combination of contemporary bike-making technologies, actual design and looks, A2-compliance and excellent functionality.The basic requirements are already met
Mahindra is already doing well in Grand Prix racing, with their presence in the former 125, now Moto3 series being a very solid basis future talents grow on. Still, the Indian manufacturer has a rather shy presence in the European and western markets, while being focused almost entirely on the emerging economies in Asia.

Anyway, we know that the Indian bike industry has a lot of potential, especially when teamed up with knowledge from the big names in the business. Bajaj has ties with KTM, TVS works with BMW, while Hero has just started a very promising relationship with US-based iconic manufacturer Erik Buell Racing. Mahindra is alone so far, but maybe they could do well and try to get closer to a European maker, and start laying siege on the small-displacement segment.Small-displacement bikes can draw huge financial success
There is a misconception in the Western markets on the profits based on high-tech, expensive machines with big, powerful engines. KTM has just proved that this is only prejudice, and massive sales can be in fact drawn from the small-displacement sector, as well.

Their tie-up with Indian giant Bajaj allowed them to manufacture cheaper small bikes which addressed a noticeably larger pool of potential customers. The Austrians have in fact seized the first position in Europe as far as volume sales are concerned sine two years ago, and are not showing signs of letting go.

Mahindra has a lot of good, successful examples in front so we might see these guys make a move in the near future. They have a lot of experience in making high-performance bikes from Moto3, so finding the best ways to implement this knowledge in road going motorcycles should not be that hard.

Bezzi imagined the Mahindra CR 321 as a 4-valve 320cc liquid-cooled single, with top-notch injection granting excellent performance specs, and possibly becoming the most powerful in its class. The frame could remain a traditional one, with the reinforcements needed for the new engine, and offering a good, comfy position.

Upgrading the dimensions to those of the bikes sold in Europe or North America and using design input from the Italian scene could also provide Mahindra with a top-notch bike which looks both sporty and functional. Cue premium brakes, decent wheels, maybe dual-sport tires and good suspensions and you’re looking at a successful new machine. The price should also be significantly lower than what similar bikes go for and this would only be one extra strong selling point.

Now, we believe you’ll agree with us in saying that with all the GP experience Mahindra has, they COULD easily deliver a small-displacement goddess. If they only wanted to…


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